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Adopt. Sterilise. Educate.

Our Initiatives

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Paws-a-While Pet Adoption & Pet Care Fair

Our exciting and unique Pet Adoption & Pet Care Fairs not only showcase the gorgeous furries up for adoption, but also the heroes who work tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome them.


We put faces to the names you know and love by creating a platform for our favourite pet care brands to show us who they are and that they care about animal welfare too!


We host our main event on the first Sunday of every month on the stunning Sea Point Promenade and frequently pop up in different areas around Cape Town!


We have proudly hosted South Africa’s contribution to World Animal Day celebrations since 2021.


Education Outreach & School Visits

With this initiative, our goal is to improve the welfare of animals through education, with the support of our dedicated animal welfare heroes. To improve animal welfare is to improve the way we treat animals, and the way we treat animals is based on what we are taught.

Our Community Education Drives are aimed at pet owners and pet lovers of all ages, specifically in our impoverished communities where pet owners want to do the best for their pets, though do not always know how.


We have noticed that animal cruelty often stems from ignorance; and we aim to assist by equipping pet owners with the basic knowledge that they need. 


We arrange school visits to bring animal welfare awareness to children of all ages.


Please do get in touch to find out more


Kindness starts with treating animals with compassion. If we can then learn to treat each other with that same compassion, we CAN have a kinder society.


Puppy Therapy

It’s no secret that pets can contribute to your happiness and studies show that dogs reduce stress, anxiety and depression. 

Get in touch to arrange a Puppy Therapy session at your place of study or work, where you can snuggle adoptable pups and possibly find your furever best friend.

Contact us today to learn more and get involved with our cause.